After local government reform in 2015, we expanded our focus from Down district to the new Newry Mourne and Down Council area. We campaigned for Council the new  to adopt a suicide down to zero approach in the District which they did in 2019.

One of the other things we tried to influence was the lack of public/community information about suicide. When unsuccessful at convincing Government to mount a public information campaign  we sourced and adapted our own (Art of Conversation etc. ).

 We could not ignore the gaps in training provision or postvention support. We now provide ASIST & safeTALK trainings and facilitate peer support to survivors – following suicide death. We have also enabled survivors to connect with each at our annual Hope and Healing events. In the past we have provided survivor support group(s) and hope to do so in the future. We also have small budgets for talking therapy for people  in crisis situation and for practical postvention support (examples: – assistance to family who had property destroyed  during a suicide and helping a   young survivor secure accommodation)

Although our operational base is Downpatrick, we have a presence across the District with good links to Sports clubs businesses and other charities/organizations.